One Earth Calcium Lime and Rust Remover

One Earth Calcium Lime and Rust Remover by Chemspec C-DFCCLRCS 0.9L
A detergent free way of treating severe soils and using glove free system DFC Calcium Lime and Rust Remover is not corrosive and gently loosens and dissolves calcium, lime and rust from toilets, urinals, showers, baths and other fittings. Also effective for removing mold and mildew from grout and tile surfaces. Works on exterior decking, concrete and patio furniture. Descales truck mounts and portable carpet extraction machines. All DFC products are independently validated to fully back up all environmental and health claims. Independent validations bodies include Envirodesic, Canada Environmental Choice, Green Seal Certified etc. and some where relevant have the green Woolsafe standard. All DFC products also have full ingredient disclosure on the label.
pH Value: 3.5 (Neutral when dry)
Coverage: Variable
Dilution: Neat for severe soiling
Appearance: Green Liquid
Fragrance: None

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