Truvox Hybrid Blower 3400 Dryer

Providing a compact alternative to a traditional blower, the HybridBlower 3400 significantly reduces the drying time of carpets, walls and ceilings. For greater drying flexibility, this carpet and room dryer can be placed horizontally, vertically, on its side, against a wall or at a 20 degree angle with the kick-stand – directing airflow exactly where you need it most.  Ideal for use after floods, spillages or extraction cleaning, this carpet and room dryer offers an easy to use solution for many applications including:  Offices, hotel and catering – Using the HybridBlower 3400 in reception or lobby areas prevents water being walked through the building on wet days, minimising the risk of slips.
Contact Cleaning – Drying floor seals and polishes, this machine allows you to apply more coats for a longer lasting finish and improve client satisfaction with the speed of the job.
Flood restoration – Drying carpets, walls and ceilings after flooding the HybridBlower 3400 offers a robust and powerful solution.  Lightweight at only 8 kg and more compact in size than a traditional blower
High airflow for rapid drying
Aids air circulation and ventilation
Three-speed switch to select the optimal airflow for the job
High density Polypropylene housing is both durable and lightweight
In-built carry handle for easy manoeuvrability
Warm air is pulled down and across the carpet for faster drying times
One of the most effective solutions for structural drying after floods or leaks
Convenient cable wrap for tidy storage
Stackable to save space during storage and transportation

£232.00 ex VAT