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Dri Pod Floor Dryer

Dri Pod Floor Dryer By Chemspec F451-230V
Versatile for all drying or ventilation applications Adequate air movement is key to successful restorative use or after professional cleaning and/or water leak. Dri-Pods are equally useful for removing stale, musty air from structures. These industrial quality compact air moving fans are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide reliable performance and a long service life. Rigorous testing and high standards of quality control help to ensure every airmoving fan performs as expected. The Dri-Pod pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it down through a louvered grill bin a 360 degree pattern across the entire floor. It’s easy and fast. Typical applications are carpets, tile and floor drying, flood restoration, new construction drying, ventilation or fume and dust extraction. Quality you can trust inside and out. 2 years manufacturers warranty-limited and lifetime warranty on rotomoulded casing.

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