3 Litre Tank/Pump & 24cm Cleaning Width

The Multiwash II range of scrubber dryer is a multi-purpose and effective floor cleaning machine that washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass. Featuring a rotating drum that removes the water and dirt from the brushes, you gain a spotless floor that’s ready to walk on in minutes.  A new addition to the range is the Multiwash II 240/PUMP. The Multiwash II 240/PUMP features a 3 litre solution tank, offering improved productivity for smaller cleaning areas. The Multiwash II sales literature is available via the product downloads tab, or contact us today for more information.  There are 5 models available featuring different cleaning widths and capacities, ensuring you have a scrubber dryer that directly meets your requirements. Cleaning virtually every floor, the smallest model in the range – Multiwash II 240 – features a 24cm cleaning path, making it ideal for supermarkets and food service areas where there are confined spaces such as behind deli counters. Other models provide maximum productivity for larger cleaning areas such as nursing homes, leisure facilities, retail and education. The Multiwash II range is also ideal for hospitals, where hygiene is of the upmost importance. You can easily change and colour code the brushes for different cleaning areas – preventing cross contamination whilst also providing outstanding cleaning results, maximum productivity and a cost-effective floorcare solution.

High-speed productivity
Highly effective on “difficult” floors including:
Non-slip safety floors
Low pile carpets
Escalators and travellators
Entrance matting
Quiet in operation
Accessible and removable tanks for fast filling and emptying
Leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes
Choice of brushes for normal, maintenance cleaning or intensive scrubbing
Available in different cleaning widths – 24cm, 34cm and 44cm
Optional trolley for ultimate manoeuvrability
Simple and easy to use

£1,398.33 ex VAT