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3.78L Optimal Rinse

Chemspec Optimal Rinse is a complete rinsing agent – features more cleaning power than regular rinses and uses anti-wicking agents to stop browning.
Neutralizes alkaline residues.
Enhances rinsing efficiency.
Improves softness of fibres.
Optimal Rinse is a mild acidic rinse agent that serves several functions in the Chemspec carpet cleaning system. It includes the following key components:
Wetting agents allow the rinse solution to penetrate fibres to provide efficient rinsing action. They also improve suspension of particulate soil in the rinse water so that they don’t redeposit on the fibres.
Acidic neutralizers remove alkaline residues that might remain from preconditioning or prior cleaning. Alkaline resides are a leading cause of resoiling and of stiffness in fibres. Note: because this product is acidic, avoid contact with acid sensitive surfaces such as polished marble or limestone.
Embrittling agents cause Optimal Rinse residues to become crystalline. The crystals will trap particulate soil, will retard resoiling and are easily removed by vacuuming.
Optimal Rinse is recommended for use of carpets that have light to moderate soiling. An emulsifying rinse such as Formula 90 is recommended for heavily soiled carpets.

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